What To Bring


Photo Identification. You will not be permitted in without one!


Tent and Tarp

Sleeping Bag


Camping pad/Air Mattress

Warm clothes to sleep in



Flash Light / Head Lamp 

Bug Spray


Reusable water bottle


Goddess Gear: Whatever you feel like YOUR goddess in. For some, it looks like flowing dresses and skirts and for others swimsuits, leather pants, your mama’s pyjamas.. it don’t matta! Bring what feels good. Also, items like bindis, flash tattoos, biodegrade glitter, warrior paint, etc.

 Warm clothes for evening and sleeping. Layers!


 Rain Gear



Optional...but, encouraged 

Musical Instruments

Fire Dance equipment

Hula Hoops

Pictures of your Mom, sister, grandmothers for women's ancestor's alter

Item for the main altar (incense, sage, flowers, etc.)

Floatie for relaxing in the pond





Anything you may want to gift.

Beauty Tent donations are always appreciated. Glitter is a big part of the Goddess weekend.. please be aware of the environment when choosing glitter. 

Extra cash for Goddess vendors

Goddess Weekend is a BYOB event. Please plan accordingly. 

"Last year, I had set an intention of fostering more female friendships. Right at the halfway point, I dared to join almost a hundred goddesses I had never met at the invitation of a soul sister I had met only a handful of times. The goddesses supported me spiritually and physically. I felt my intention come to life, forming some of my now closest friendships and sources of growth." - Lorelei

No Goddess Left Behind